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RishiRahul, with his 36 years' research experience in man's spiritual search for meaningful outcomes, and human understanding in life, assists in providing appropriate solutions through accurate timings of future events in life through this dedicated site with the collective use of Vedic Astrology, Krishnamurthy Paddhati, and Tajik system of Astrology, Progressions, Numerology and Palmistry, by helping you to foresee and understand the future.

Additionally, Palmistry skills are applied to form/predict the ‘skeleton/landmarks’ in timings; while Numerology skills provide the Philosophy, dimension anf much needed bond between Astrology & Palmistry ONLY well perceived when used collectively.

My motto is Accuracy of events, proper guidance along the client’s life/ destiny path and client satisfaction. Doubts will be cleared and answers given to any number of queries regarding the topic in consideration at no extra cost till proper understanding is reached.

Prescribing gemstones to ward off planetary afflictions in the birth chart of a person is a very delicate procedure. The prescription of a gem depends largely on the astrologer's keen observation, understanding and intuition; while the stone should also match the qualities of the person. The gem should be able to arouse and enhance the qualities required towards positivity and success, boosting the natives luck and prosperity, reduce bad qualities and enhance the good ones.

Results of the year ahead or annual results are very specific to the year and event in whichever respects the native desires with timings in respect to education, love, marriage, marital life, success of desires, attainment of career objectives, career changes, normal and chronic health problems, finances, business, children factors, parents, foreign travels, spiritual attainment, best periods, worst periods, monthly results.

Going beyond giving computer generated stories, giving answers to specific questions with accurate timings. My communication will enable you to both foresee and understand the future, navigate the sharp turning points, and handle their energies in resonance to your well-being.

Here's a personal message from RishiRahul that tells a lot more...

Hello, and a warm welcome to my website!

I am RishiRahul. I have been researching and practicing Vedic astrology, Krishnamurthy paddhhati, Tajik, Western Astrology, Palmistry, and Numerology for the past 36 years. Specifically, I assist my clients in identifying and timing significant life events like marriage, job changes, other important events etc as well as give remedial measures directed to guide in order to better lives. Every life event is corroborated the above 5 to 6 divination methods leading to minimal error margins, more or less evident in the success links on this site.

I also diagnose past karma and suggest remedies to mitigate their undesirable effects.

Predictions are made by me personally using 5 to 6 divination methods (Vedic astrology, Krishnamurthy paddhhati, Tajik, Western astrology, Palmistry and Numerology).

Predictions are made after 10 to 15 hours of study and research with the birth details etc, and the report is absolutely not general, but personalized and typical to the person, involving perfect and detailed timings, rounded off to months in specifically desired cases, and generally to 6 months to a year.

Free consultations and diagnosis sessions for a 2 month period will be given on the questions previously asked. This involves a lot of back and forth communication to ensure that the native has a complete and satisfactory understanding of the chart queries and life purpose.

This is not my main profession. I am a fully pensionable service holder and do not depend financially on this consultancy for a living; and it is very much an age old passion of mine. But I would like to be paid for my time to also garner resources for site maintenance and further research.

Thank you.