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The Divine science of Jyotish, namely Vedic Astrology, is the Third Eye of Divine Knowledge and is one of the most ancient sciences, which is empirical by nature which intrigues many or most, which is time tested and lasted to prove its worth even in this fast moving digi-world. Predicting the future is a very sensitive and delicate subject which needs to be handled with care.

Astrology not only helps predict future, but helps to guide a native during indecision; i.e., when he has to choose between several options like education, job, change of place, favorable and unfavorable location, marriage and/or love life options and timing, time/ muhurthas favorable for marriage, compatibility factors, whether foreign travel is suitable for business/ career or other purposes, periods favorable for it, how to get rid of evil significations, etc. etc. The above being a few out of the many queries.

The proper astrologer needs to predict and assess an individual's past, present and future (which an intricate relation with Karma) after evaluating the birth chart through the help of Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology, which includes planetary dasas or planetary periods, Life Cycles, pinnacles, Essences, Hand Lines, ridges, etc etc.

It is imperative for the astrologer to understand the querent's mindset and explain to him the position of the planets and their impact on him in a balanced manner; predict future events on the basis of the history and 'Desh Kaal, Patra' of the native; to be able to understand which astrological principle should be applied where and to what extent and for what. The astrologer should understand the planetary attitudes; direct his KARMA through redressals or 'upayes', helping the native make the right choice, prepare self mentally for the unforeseen, keeping in view the destined so that life is faced 'realistically' for a more balanced life.