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Numerology is the divine science / craft of numbers and its connection to destiny. It is the study of numbers and their influence on one's life, animate or inanimate. It is the mystical relationship between a number and events, and personality; it is an allied branch of divinatory science/ crafts like astrology.

Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology are the main divisions of Numerology, while there are others such as Kabballah, Abracadabra etc.

The Father of modern numerology, Pythagoras was revered as a great Philosopher and Mathematician, and was able to connect between the two. The result was Pythagorean Numerology. It is also not out of place to mention that there is a strong connection between Maths and Philosophy. Some even agreed that the highest form of Mathematics is Philosophy.

His studies in Numerology was always alongside Astrology and Palmistry, and having gone deep into it, he realized that even numerology had something similar to mahadasa and antardasas, annual years and its relationship with numerological ascendant!

So these were something similar to dasa progressions, Lagna and Tajik, where even monthly predictions were possible with reasonable accuracy. When he used them with astrology, more meaning was brought to an event / time. Then aligning that with palmistry gave another wider dimension of understanding!

The proof to the perfected age readings (free) can be viewed at by expanding the details under 'Success stories of Numerology'. You may click on the back button of your browser to come back here after reading them.

Going beyond giving computer generated stories, giving answers to specific questions with accurate timings, his communication will enable you to both foresee and understand the future, navigate the sharp turning points and handle their energies in resonance to your wellbeing.