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RishiRahul has been passionately researching and practicing Vedic Astrology (link to vedic astrology), Krishnamurthy Paddhhati (the K.P. school follows stellar astrology, based more on stars or constellations - a secular branch of Vedic astrology), intensively and puts into use time tested research from the Western school of Astrology, like Progressions, Synastry.

He also continued intense researches with Palmistry & Numerology, which includes Vedic. Along with these studies, he carried out an indepth study and research on Palmistry or 'Rekha Shaastra' all along which helped in timing events with better ease.

Thus his Triangular Love with Jyotish and other astrology, Palmistry and Numerology continued.....

Meanwhile, he developed on a novel method of prediction, which he should deem unique by itself; which was only possible when he researched 'Tajik' (Indo-Persian or Tajik is one of the ancient schools of astrology using western type aspects that had evolved during the Vedic Age) indepth.

The above has helped him assist his clients in identifying and timing significant life events like marriage, job changes, other important events, as well as linking different time periods etc as well as give remedial measures directed to guide in order to better lives. Every life event is corroborated using at least three of the aforementioned six divination methods (Palmistry, Numerology, Vedic astrology (including mainly rasi dasas and nakshatra dasas in divisional charts), Western astrology, Tajik, K.P. which lead to minimal error margins, more or less evident in the success links on this site.

Free consultations and diagnosis sessions for a 3 month period is given on the questions previously asked. This involves a lot of back and forth communication to ensure diagnosis of past karma to be able to mitigate its effects and to ensure that the native has a complete and satisfactory understanding of the chart queries and life purpose.

Finally, he started all this as a hobby 36 years ago, and today, this is a labour of love. Most revenues are rolled back into research, site maintenance etc.

Annual results: Results of the year ahead or annual results are very specific to the year in whichever respects the native desires with timings in respect to education, love, marriage, marital life, success of desires, attainment of career objectives, career changes, normal and chronic health problems, finances, business, children factors, parents, foreign travels, spiritual attainment, best periods, worst periods, monthly results.

Remedies: Prescribing gemstones and 'mantras' to ward off planetary afflictions in the birth chart of a person is a very delicate procedure. The prescription of a gem depends largely on the astrologer's keen observation, understanding and intuition. The stone must match the qualities of the person. The stone must be able to arouse and enhance the positive qualities required to become successful. The gem must be able to boost the natives luck and prosperity, and should be able to reduce the bad qualities while enhance the good ones.

His journey with Vedic astrology and other divination processes:

Initially when he was conducting serious research on these subjects, he realized that the more he studied them, the more puzzling they were... things / incidents were not matching.

He got more interested in them when he made my chart the 'guinea pig' for his research. Studying his chart he not only got hard facts to work upon but feelings too... he started getting 'profound' results.

He was able to corroborate and match events perfectly, and was able to zero in more into a person's life and feelings or rather into his feelings / state of mind, and sharper insights were achieved, of course with the collective study of these sciences which he has studied, researched in depth while practicing astrology for the last 36 years, which helps him to offer more than the usual cookbook type of predictions, able to go deeper and deeper into the feelings and emotional needs and fulfilment, and offer novel and effective remedies useful for improving one's life.

He is thus able to point out several important details, events, significant factors in a person's life, with suggestions and unique methods for improvement, rounded off with year to year predictions for the future, if desired. Even monthly results are given in details covering every aspect if desired.

Month to Month, and even Day to Day predictions from an individual's birth chart can be made with remarkable accuracy and detail by him.

Going beyond giving computer generated stories, giving answers to specific questions with accurate timings, his communication will enable you to both foresee and understand the future, navigate the sharp turning points and handle their energies in resonance to your wellbeing.